Indicators of compromise (IOCs) provide a key data point to analysis in the cyber-security world. SparkIOC is designed to enhance an organization's understanding and awareness of their adversaries through enrichment and monitoring of IOCs.

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IOC Enrichment

Utilize threat intelligence from multiple open and subscription based sources to build a deeper understanding of the IOCs adversaries are using against you. Pivot between IOCs and build a complete understanding your adversary's infrastructure - all from one screen.

Active Monitoring

Keep an eye on what your adversary's are doing with their infrastructure. Any changes will be stored in your My Monitoring dashboard and emailed to you daily.

My Pivots

Once you've collected your data and built a picture of the adversary's operation, easily save your work for future use.


SparkIOC's My IOCs database makes it easy to save IOCs that are of interest to you for future analysis. The My IOCs dashboard lets you tag and track your IOCs so you can stay ahead of the adversary.